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Birth chart Reading

Card Reading

From learning about the near future to uncovering the trends in the coming year, a card reading, is designed to bring life's obscurities into focus. In other words, you and I will sit down and get into some real talk over the cards. I've been reading Tarot since I was nineteen, and I read with a variety of decks, mostly Rider-Waite-Smith in style, although I also read with Lenormand, playing cards, and two favorite oracle decks.

I will do an initial small spread that I do with all my clients. I call this my "checking in" spread, which tells me where things have been, where they are right now, and where they are going. Then, I will lay the cards out in a larger spread to deal with all further questions and issues.

Relationship Reading

Building Reading and Cleansing

Every building, every structure, every home, has its own indwelling spirit. This is not the same as a ghost. It's more like a conscious energy. This energy is imprinted with every action that has occurred throughout the life of the building, positive or negative. This energy also picks up the continued influences that are brought into it every day.

To think that every home needs a full on cleansing; however, is sometimes a bit of an overkill. Respecting a home's spirit is important. One of my specialties is reading a structure to see where pockets of energies have accumulated and determining the proper type of cleansing for the job. Each cleansing is always followed by an appropriate blessing. 

yearly Transit Reading
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