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  • Ignacio J. Ceja

Reading the Tarot for advice on a new business

Eagerness and readiness are not quite the same thing

Starting a new business is always a great time to get a card reading. You can get advice on where you are and look at possible events before they unfold. A reader may choose a variety of spreads for your reading, depending on how long you have before you are open for business.

This reading features The Pasta Tarot.

Your Present Position - Page of Lunga

You are raring to go. You are full of ideas, you are confident in yourself, and you are ready to make your mark.

The Reading as it Unfolds

But ideas alone aren't enough. The Six of Ripiena shows us that it is important to seek the guidance of mentors. But who gets advice and doesn't follow it? The Seven of Minuta tells us that we must make use of that advice, and the results that we get from following it. In order to achieve mastery in our chosen field, the King of Corta shows us that we must continue learning, both by reviewing our experiences and seeking new knowledge. This will bring us new ideas which can take us further. But remember, with new ideas the process starts over again with seeking counsel from mentors, etc.

Ideas are great, but aren't quite enough on their own.

Advice Card - Five of Lunga

Take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves.


Congratulations! You should be excited for your new business. You have prepared and you are ready. But no empire is built alone. Remember to get advice from trusted mentors both in your field and similar ones. Apply what you learn and do your best. Make use of your results. Sometimes you'll do quite well, and other times meagerly, but in each case there are lessons to be learned. Incorporate those lessons into your life and be a constant learner. You'll go much further. With new ideas and with each level of achievement, start the process over again by seeking by counsel from mentors. You can do this.

This reading

This reading is for entertainment purposes only, and is not to be taken as professional advice on any matter. If you require professional advice, seek a professional in the appropriate area of expertise.

Reading implements

A reading isn't a reading without a surface for the cards. Pictured, I have used The Sabbath Tarot Mat, which fits quite well on this table.

The Pasta Tarot is a beautiful deck made by beautiful people. It is an inclusive deck which incorporates a wide range of age groups and identities. As you can probably tell, it has become one of my favorite tarot decks.

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